Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Content in any Circumstance

*These pictures are totally unrelated to anything, I just really wanted to get a couple pictures of my girls up because I love them so much! These are from our recent trip to DC.*

Now, on with the blog...

I had to go in to the doctor's office yesterday, and of course, that meant taking my two little girls with me. This was a new place, since the last place I had been to was dirty, slow, and an all out pain to visit. I decided I had nothing to lose by venturing out, and so I did - and I was pleasantly surprised by this "new" place. The people were friendly and talkative, very helpful, and aside from the dead cockroach I found in the room, the facilities were very clean. The lady at the front desk even offered my older girl, Ailsa, a lollipop. Of, course, she asked me first, and I was all for it, knowing full well that it would help keep us from an embarrassing outburst of loud impatience.

Later that afternoon as we were all sitting around the table after dinner, Ailsa saw our very own stash of lollipops. (we got them a while back for her birthday party and have yet to finish them) So, what does she do? She asks for another one, over and over again. Of course we can't give her another one, so we say, "no" and she has a minor meltdown. This really isn't surprising. I would never expect her to be satisfied after one piece of candy; in fact, I would expect just the opposite, that it would spark her hunger for candy and create a desire for more. I console myself in times like these thinking, "She'll grow out of it. One day she'll understand the importance of moderation." But this time I got to thinking and I realized something. This tendency in people rarely goes away, it simply changes form. Like when we are young we are happy to have one, kinda ugly car, but as we get older we want a nice newer car, no, scratch that, we want two cars, one for everyday use, and a nice sporty convertable, oh, and add to the list a nice RV for vacation, well, I guess we'd need a truck to pull that with, too... See what I mean? It's human nature alright weather it's candy or computers. I guess it can be a life long struggle to learn to be content in any circumstance. I guess this will be be my prayer for today.

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